Our Promises

1. Who are you and where are you located?

Certificate Translation India is the company name which provides Certified Translation services to translate personal credentials for VISA/Immigration & Legal Purpose to Individual client & organization worldwide. Certificate Translation Indiais a corporation registered in the State of GB Nagar, INDIA doing business under the name Certificate Translation India, which is a licensed translation company in INDIA

2. Are your translators “certified?”

All of our translators, editors, and proofreaders have advanced degrees in their specialty which means they are more than fully competent to perform the translation. We do not use people who only think they are translators because they know more than one language. We use the native certified resources that got prior experienced. This is important for translators who do not have degrees in translation or interpretation; however, it is worth repeating that all of our translators have advanced degrees in their specialties.

3. How do you certify a translation?

All of our certified translations are certified in accordance with In fact, our certification process exceeds “authentication” for (immigration) requirements. They are printed on company letterhead, which has all of our company contact information. Depending on the intended use of the translation, either a translation manager or translator will sign the “certificate of accuracy” which states that the translation is accurate and has been proofread and formatted in accordance with global acceptance. If required and ordered by the client, a notary public also signs and seals the translation. The final product exceeds dual certification and is very professionally presented.

4. Your prices seem lower than other companies, why?

We do everything possible to fairly price our products except to cheat on quality. Our pricing structure is based on the hourly rate we pay the translators to do the work plus the cost of materials and notarization. Certified translations are our only business. We use the highest quality materials when producing your translation

5. What if I find a mistake in the translation?

In the unlikely event that you find a typographical or transcription error, let us know immediately and we will make the change and send you new translations.

6. Do you provide a guarantee?

We guarantee a 100% accurate translation that will be accepted by immigration and other Federal Government agencies. Please click on our Guarantee Policy for more information.

7. What do I do if I do not receive the translation in the mail?

All of our printed documents are mailed in soft copies and hardcopy using nationwide courier service. If you choose free first class mail service, the translation will be mailed in a hard, flat envelope. This mail service may take up to 1 week to be delivered.

8. How Long Does it Take to Translate My Documents?

Average time to translate Certificates one day turnaround on an average. Larger amounts of words, such as 5,000, can take multiple days. For lengths longer than this, we will happily supply a free quote for turnaround time.

9. Who Translates My Documents?

Our translators are all certified and tested prior to working on document translation. Many of them specialize in their native language to ensure maximum quality. They all come from various backgrounds as well, including Ivy League Universities, former embassy translators, and other impressive professional backgrounds.

10. Are My Translated Documents Certified?

Yes, absolutely. All of the translations we offer are certified to meet worldwide standards. The certification page included with your translation contains a corporate letterhead, a statement of authenticity and fluency, and a guarantee that it will be accepted by major government authorities/academic institutions.

11. How Do I Know My Information is Safe?

We secure all the information on our website using a 256-bit SSL encryption which is the industry standard for secure communication. Only members of our team will have access to the documents and those who do will be professionals who have signed confidentiality agreements. For an extra layer of security, credit card information is not stored on the same servers, but instead is sent directly to our bank for maximum protection.

12. How Does Your Translation Process Work?

Once you have placed an order, the documents are reviewed by a certified translator in the language of your choosing. Once the translation is complete, it is sent to another member of our team for editing and quality assurance. From here, the translated documents are then emailed directly to you, and if you opt for physical delivery, a tracking number is provided.

13. How Can I Request a Free Quote?

Quotes can be requested via our free quote form or mail. You can also call us. Our executive will reply to you as quickly as possible during normal business hours.

14. How Can I Request Revisions?

We strive to provide the most accurate translations possible, but in some cases there may be an issue with spelling of names locations, or document clarity. In these cases, reply to the email you received with your translated document and describe the correction you need. One of our representatives will contact you with additional questions so we can make the proper changes.

15. What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal and bank transfer.